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To Catch A Butterfly

Last weekend I went to a butterfly exhibition. I didn’t have many expectations before I went there and I was surprised that we were allowed to touch the butterflies.

If you want to invite a butterfly to crawl on your hand, you should gently touch its front legs. Needless to say, I wasn’t very graceful doing this. I was a little scared by the butterflies (stupid, I know) and I was afraid that I may hurt them, so I let them stay wherever they want. At least I was able to take a few photos.

The whole experience was amazing; I just felt a little sad because some of the butterflies have a really short lifespan. There is a certain type that doesn’t have a digestive system and lives just a couple of days. They only live to lay eggs and then they die. That’s their whole life…

There were pupas too, but you are not allowed to touch them.

Read about my owl petting experience here. Both exhibitions took place in Burgas, Bulgaria. Here are some other cool things you can see in the city:


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