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Ok I know I’ve been a bit MIA.

Picture is an original. Well I know I've been a bit out of here well, truth is I've been under the weather and spreading...

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Wallpaper design

I enjoy making futuristic abstract designs, I like calling wallpapers. The reason? They look great for pc wallpapers or as a wallpaper for any...

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On top of the world.

Much of my work these days involve the color purple for my Fibromyalgia Awareness and other purple ribbon illnesses. Much of my wild ideas...

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Abstract Dragon.

Sometimes developing crazy ideas is what I enjoy the most, such is the case with this digital painting. I like trying-out all sorts of...

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5 Church ?

Have you heard of a former church or temple getting sold and used for anything else than a place of worship? Well I've seen...

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Ok I know I’ve been a bit MIA.

Wallpaper design

On top of the world.

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