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Petting An Owl

A few years ago I went to a bird of prey exhibition, and there were many different types of birds and a variety of owls. The exhibition took place in Burgas (a city at the seaside in Bulgaria).We even had the chance to pet one of the owls – it was an amazing experience for us. However, the owl that we petted doesn’t look so happy in this photo. D

Despite the grumpy look on her face (I think it was a she), she was very calm and soft. It felt almost like petting a cat. There were birds that you wouldn’t want to touch though. According to the host of the exhibition, this was the only bird that would let you pet it. On the other hand, the internet is full of videos of owls who love being petted.

What about you, is there an unusual animal that you were able to pet?


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  1. Love the photo and story. Let’s see, Ive pet Mountain lions, and kittens. Their coats are so full and dense. Not like a domestic. Alligator, shark, dolphin, red tailed hawk, and falcon. I love animals.

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