Tips on the railing for the stairs – finishing touch in the design

Any designing is inevitably linked with the need to select suitable railing. This important constructive element affects not only the level of safety of the whole structure, but also forms an external appearance, the design of the staircase. There are many ways to handle railing. They may differ in material of manufacture, shape, size, level of filling, design and presence of decor. In order for the entire stair construction to be safe, practical, aesthetic and harmoniously fit into the interior of the dwelling, it is necessary to look at the choice of railing with special care.

Variety of railways according to its material

Often, railway is needed not only to create protection against the possible fall of a person who is going through the stairs, for his support, but also to maintain the entire structure of the staircase, its elements. Depending on the functions of the railing, the material of the entire stairs, its size and type of modification, interior decoration and financial capabilities of the owners, he chooses material for making the railing.

The types of railing made from:

  • A tree;
  • Metal;
  • Glass;
  • Polyurethane
  • Acrylic;
  • Combined designs.

Metal railings

At present, metal railing can safely be called the most popular way of making this element of the stairs construction. The advantages of metal products are obvious:

  • Strength;
  • Durability;
  • Reliability;
  • High wear resistance;
  • Resistance to moisture and temperature fluctuations;
  • High fire safety;
  • Ease of care;
  • A wide range of design possibilities;
  • Not so costly.

The owner can find his version of the metal enclosure no matter how full is his wallet. Aluminum and stainless steel will cost you cheaper than forging or railings made of brass, copper. Steel products are currently the most popular, but manufacturers also offer designs from iron and even cast iron. But when choosing a material for railing, much depends on the very design of the railway, its weight, size and method of fastening the steps in particular and the railway in general.

Aluminum railings have the following benefits:

  • Ease of installation;
  • Resistance to corrosion;
  • Light weight, elegant appearance;
  • Affordable price;
  • Rails with a natural aluminum luster will look great in such styles of interior design as hi-tech, minimalism, modern, varieties of modern stylistics;
  • The ability to darken a shiny surface in any color.

The main drawback of aluminum products is low strength. They can be used only indoors and in a gentle mode. But for many staircase customers, such conditions are more than acceptable.

Stainless steel railing

It differs from aluminum structures as it has not the fragility in the structure of the material. Stainless steel is most often combined with other materials, so it can effectively fit into any style of interior design. Typically, stainless steel is combined with wooden handrails. The combination of stainless steel stands with glass screens is also popular. Such railing can be used both inside the premises and for the exterior of the dwelling.

By type of production all metal railing can be divided into 4 groups:

  • Prefabricated – very fast mounted, distinguished by high technology, low weight and democratic value;
  • Welded – such rails are made of steel or ferrous metals by the method of cold deflection. The products are characterized by sufficient strength, durability, wear resistance. Weak seams are the weak point of such rails. To prevent corrosion, the product should be periodically painted.
  • Casting – products are obtained by pouring molten metal into molds. Cooled billets are taken away and processed. In this way, you can make rails of amazing beauty, with a variety of designs, exquisite decorative elements;
  • Forging – this way you can create a railing with a truly unique design. Masters of forging can create real masterpieces with the help of special tools or by hand. Finished products can be processed for gold or silver, apply patina. High cost of forged products is justified not only by manual work, but also by originality of design, strength and reliability of structures.

Railway from a natural tree

Even if your stairs are not made of wood, rails made of this natural, universal material will be more than appropriate. Products made of wood will never go out of fashion. High ecological compatibility of natural material, excellent aesthetic qualities, and simply pleasant sensations from touching warm wood are relevant at all times. There is an opinion that stairs or their components from a natural tree – pleasure not for everyone by price. But you can choose the types of wood, affordable for many of you.

The disadvantages of natural wood railways include only the influence of moisture and temperature variations on the structure of the material. Wooden structures without additional processing (lacquering and impregnation with special compositions) should not be used outdoors.

If your interior is decorated in one of the country style styles, or in such styles as Provence, tropical, marine, wooden staircases in general and railing in particular will be more than appropriate. Beautiful natural pattern of wood not only brings a special atmosphere to the image of the room, but also emphasizes the originality of other interior items.

Glass railings for modern interior

Most often glass is used to create protective screens. For this purpose panels of tempered, multilayer organic or silicate glass are used. Such material is called triplex, in the construction you can see the name “light translucent structures”. The glass of the triplex system has the following advantages:
  • Aesthetic appearance;
  • Eco-friendliness of the material
  • Strength;
  • Heat resistance;
  • Absence of danger for a person to be cut off by fragments when the panel is broken (protective film prevents the formation of fragments);
  • The ability to tone panels in any color, if the transparency of the design is not required.

Another important advantage of glass railings, which should be noted separately – the transparency of the design. The sunlight almost freely penetrates through the staircase’s protective screens, creating a light and bright image of the whole room, not cluttered with stairs.

Combined railing

Due to the combination of various materials in the manufacture of railing for stairs, not only create an original design, but also improve the quality of strength, reliability and safety of structures. Most often, metal and wood are combined. Metal and wooden railway is the perfect alliance for creating reliable, durable, comfortable and enjoyable railing for stairs.

When creating a combination of railing for stairs very often used so-called metal strings. Its elements are of a small diameter, but high strength. Strings create a reliable protection for everyone who moves along the stairs, but they almost do not overlap the spread of sunlight.

And in the conclusion

It is obvious that the appearance of the railing should not resonate with the overall design of the staircase, it is necessary that the whole design looks organic. The texture, material and colors of the main parts must match or combine organically.  Decorative elements should not engage in conflict with the foundation of the structure.


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