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Therapeutic Cat: My Green Eyed Brendel

I am convinced animals play an important part in our well being. If you own a pet you know exactly what I mean. I presently have two rescued cats, I have talked about them many times. Today I am talking about Brendel. She was rescued with a lung infection. Turns out she has what is called chronic bronchitis. Nothing can be done. She has fluid building up in her lungs which plays a role in her breathing. She has coughing episodes when the fluid starts building up more than normal. I keep an oxygen mask for emergencies. I have been told she will not live a long life.

However I am a strong believer in not putting a timeline on your animals lives. Take care of them, tend to their needs, and try positive thinking. This helps more than many realize. Positive thinking goes a long way.

Brendel has been here for me during many dark days. She is my therapy cat. Not certified but she sees about me if she senses things are not how they should be. Amazing how sensitive animals, including cats, can be. I am a dog lover as well. And have many dogs in the past. But for now having two cats works for me. I will talk about my other cat soon. Enjoy life and each moment you and those around you have. Never ever take the for granted.


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Written by Carol DM


  1. Good for you! Literally and figuratively. Yes pets are very therapeutic. Not every pet owner knows though. Bless you for your rescue. You are rewarded tenfold but, do not need to be told. Now, I rescue fish. Grin.

  2. I am just off to bed…and found your story…so compelling..I had tears in my eyes..I adore Brendel..she is so lucky to have you…and vice-versa. What a great read this was..you leave me with a feeling of gratefulness..and love..thank you! ( I have two cats too…but before these two munchkins came to my life…I always had dogs…the truth is…now I know …I am a cat lover first! 🙂 )

    • How kind of you to say these words my friend. I too believe we were meant to be together. And I thank you for reading, comment, and supporting. That is what you do! Thank you for being you.