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What do you Know About Cricket?

What is Cricket? I think that it is not neccessary to tell you exactly what is cricket because almost everybody know about this. This...

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Abdul Moheed Special Dance.You must watch it once Abdul Moheed is the guy about whom you will not find information on Wikipedia. He is the rising dancing star of Pakistan. The strange is...

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What do you know about Allama Iqbal”National Hero of Pakistan”?

Allama Iqbal born in Pakistan.He is one of the most famous poet.He is national hero of pakistan.Do you know why he was given this...

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What do you know about Tom Cruise?

Tom Cruise is a Hollywood Action Matser.He is considered as the King of Action.He mostly makes his original movesHe doesn't take the helps of...

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What do you know about Islam?

Islam is the biggest religion on the Earth. Their are many religions but it is at the top.The people who believe in Islam are...

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