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The life of Runt the 1st

Runt is not a king or an emperor or a historical figure. Runt is my cat. But what makes him so special, you might ask? Well, the circumstances of his birth and his physique all make up for his being precious and dear to me. Runt is a runt in more ways than one. Let me tell you why.

Lilly (or Lyllipad as I often called her) is Runt’s mother. She gave birth on Saturday the 15th of March 2014 to three kittens which we called (my ex-husband and I) Bear, Flash and Brandy. Bear was the biggest and the fluffiest of all three. Flash was a real get up and go kitten from the first day. Brandy, the little girl kitty was the colour of brandy. So, we had three kittens and Lilly and Mitten from her first litter.

Monday morning, I woke up and checked on the kittens and Lilly. Everybody was bundled up in their bed and feeding while Mitten was looking on the side. So I went downstairs to do the laundry and then had a cup of coffee and a cigarette. Sorry to say this but yes, I am a smoker.

Approximately one hour after, I went back upstairs and did the bed. Then I went to look in on the little family. Lilly was gone but the kittens were there. But, what… I did a double take and a triple take… there seemed to be four little balls of fur and not only three. So I pick them and separated them and lo and behold there is a fourth kitten. Runt was born almost forty eight hours after his two brothers and sister.

Runt was then really a runt. But his physique is also different. Runt is a polydactyl cat. He has five digits on both his front paws, or the thumb as most people call them. He also has six digits on his right back paw and five digits on his left back paw for a grand total of 21 digits compared to the normal 18. Maybe I should have called him Snowshoe then but I did not think of it and I rather like the name Runt. Also, Snowshoe would not be appropriate for Runt because I have seen him sink in light snow even with big “snowshoe” like paws.

At a very young age, Runt was kind of a shy cat with his siblings but eventually started to slowly join in with their play time but only if I was around, because he would dart in the group and give a couple of swats to the others and immediately retreat towards me. What a cutie pie he was.

Today Runt is a strapping big orange tabby cat with a whole back yard and a house to play in. But he will never know the pleasure of a female because we had neutered to keep him close to home and to diminish the possible fights with other male cats although I bet that with 21 claws I am sure that he would have emerged the winner.

And that is the story of Runt. Hope you enjoy his picture just has much as I enjoy him in person. I mean, who can resist that beautiful face…. and those big paws…


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    • Pictures of Runt are great but seeing him in person is the best as he is quite the delightful and amusing cat. Thanks for dropping in and commenting and up voting.

  1. That is a beautiful story of Runt. If it was a bibliography of Runt, I would reread it because it’s interesting. I was hooked up in knowing a lot about Runt.

    • First off, sorry about the delay in answering your beautiful and engaging comment. Thank you for dropping in and visiting Runt, thank you for your comment and up vote. Yes Runt is quite the character still despite turning 5 years old this year. He remains very active and funny with all his antics and all his numerous digits. Plus for a runt, he is extremely healthy… Again a big thanks.

    • Oh yes, Runt is a special cat not only for his birth but also because of all his fingers and toes. I love him dearly and he is quite a character. Thank you for reading this post especially, commenting and naturally for your up vote. I will try to reciprocate towards your posts eventually as I am very busy with translating, writing a new post for Virily etc. Hope you are having a nice winter and that it is not too cold in your part of the world.

    • Thank you very much Luna. I wish you could see Runt in person. He would sweep you off your feet in play only as he is neutered (poor little guy). Oh, and Paul, thank you for your up-vote also.

  2. Runt is adorable. My adopted cat Sid came to us when he was 4 in 2009. Poor baby had been abused his first three years and thrown out on the street. Rescued by animal services we saw his photo online and the rest was pure love. Today he is healthy and sassy and getting up in age but you couldn’t tell and as I say he eats like a horse.

    • Thank you Zaklina. I am a cat but also a dog person. I love both of these “critters”, not because they are small but because they make me laugh. Alas, I have lost my poor old dog girl Tasha 3 years ago but Runt has doubled in size and in his affection towards me, so it compensates for the loss.

      • I’m so sorry for your lost 🙁 Actually, I am an animal person, for I love all furry creatures. At the moment, there are two dogs and twenty cats in my home. Truth to be said, my big dog is outside (by his choice), while cats are inside with the small one. What to say- I have almost unbearable quantity of joy and laughter, every day 😀

    • I sure hope I convinced you. You really do not have to be a cat person (unless you are allergic to them) to enjoy the company of a cat. They are affectionate in their own way, very playful but they are also very independent. And when introduced to a dog early in their life, they get used to the dog and then become their best friend and your friend also. Thank you for your comment and your reading of my little post.

    • Thank you very much Nadeem. I am glad you found Runt’s life story interesting till the end of the recital and not his real life because he is very much alive and still chasing after squirrels and birds alike.

    • Bear, Flash and Brandy and also Mitten were all adopted because we first off had too many cats and second because we had to move. As for Lilly, the mother, I am sorry to report that she went outside one day and never came back. We searched high and low for her but never found or saw her again. Thank you for looking at my little post.