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Only an Expert Can Get 12/15 in This Anagram Quiz (Part 1)

Welcome to another one of my newest quiz series which is all about anagrams. Anagrams are words or phrases formed by rearranging the letters of a different word or phrase, typically using all the original letters exactly once. Say for example, the anagram for the word ” live” is “evil”, “bane” is “bean”, “break” is “baker”, and so on.

Anagrams were also featured in one of Dan Brown’s best-selling book made into film The Da Vinci Code.

So can you familiarize now what’s anagram is all about? Are you ready now to take this challenge? If you are, then take this quiz and make sure to get 9/15 for a passing score, but if you got a score of 12 or higher, you can call your self a certified expert on anagram quiz.

Pay attention to the question and focus on the worded clues. Some may be tricky!

Good luck and have fun! 

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  • Which of the following photos is the anagram for our planet called “Earth”?

  • Which of the following is not an anagram for the action word that is shown on this picture?

    • inlets
    • enlist
    • silent
    • elites
  • Which of the following two-word anagrams best suited for the profession of a man shown on this picture?

    • star gazer
    • moon starer
    • comet viewer
    • eclipse observer
  • “The eyes” can do something. Which of the following is an anagram for the quoted words?

    • see yours
    • they cry
    • they see
    • see them
  • If you got “dirty room” in your house, you can’t go to college and stay in one of their what? Pick the best anagram below for the quoted words.

    • boarding house
    • penthouse
    • apartment
    • dormitory
  • What religion could fit the anagram for the “best in prayer”?

    • Protestant
    • Presbyterian
    • Pentecostal
    • Methodist
  • “Here come dots” is the best anagram for what encryption?

    • The Braille System
    • The Morse Code
    • Ishihara Test
    • The Rosetta Stone
  • “Cash lost in me” is the best two-word anagram for what?

    • slot machines
    • alchemist house
    • mechanist shop
    • teller machines
  • They said “he bugs Gore”, then who is him?

    • Bill Clinton
    • Donald Trump
    • Barack Obama
    • George Bush
  • What does the “snooze alarms” make you say?

    • Sleep zone no more
    • Lose all my sleepzones
    • Alas no more z’s
    • I’ll seenzone the alarm
  • “I’m a dot in a place”, then what am I?

    • a point of nowhere
    • a polka dot
    • a decimal point
    • a point of focus
  • You know what guys, anagram can also prove a mathematical equation too and here’s how: “eleven plus two” can also be equal to what?

    • three plus ten
    • twelve plus one
    • seven plus
    • six plus seven
  • “That queer shake” is really the cause of what anagrammatic disaster?

    • the quicksand
    • the earthquake
    • the avalanche
    • the tsunami
  • People who undergo “desperation” oftentimes think this:

    • a knife cuts it
    • a rope ends it
    • a gun kills it
    • a poison stops it
  • Which of the following celebrity figures can also be an anagram for “end is a car spin”?

    • James Dean
    • Paul Walker
    • Grace Kelly
    • Princess Diana

What do you think?

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