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Can You Hold Your Laughter at These 20 Worst Misspelled English Words?

We all went to school and I guess we are all educated with English language, especially spelling words. Word spelling is one of the most important English proficiency skill needed for a blogger, writer, or a journalist. If you’re poor at it, you’ll get laughs and some negative reviews from your readers. But there are those readers who might think that it’s just a typographical error or misprints. But if you got spams of wrong spellings, then there’ll be no excuse for it.

I used to be a spelling champ when I was in high school, and it’s been one of my extra-curricular activities since elementary days. I used to join lots of spelling contests until I became a champ on the very last stage of competition, where I won against top-notched schools at our province.

So I have here a compilation of pictures that somehow will get us some best medicines. Why best medicines? Because we gonna laugh with these wrongly spelled words, so that’s why “Laughter is the best medicine”. It’s not just we’re laughing coz they’re poor at it, but only to put some little fun.

So enjoy these pictures, post your comments, upvote, upload your submission, and share to your friends to spread some fun.


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Written by Trafalgar Law


  1. This material is even funnier than the Chespirito comedy called The Kid From Number Eight when the late Ramon Valdez misspelled a few words on a sign to forbid the kids from playing soccer in the yard.

  2. Darn shows you how mixed up I was I meant to say split at the end of my paragraph and went spilt thanks a whole lot sign, LOL.

  3. Some of these are just too funny I remember once outside a Dairy Queen I saw a sign Banana Spilt sale. This was just too funny if they were going to misspell a word here the one that seems most likely would be banana, after all, how many us misspell this word I know I do a whole lot but no it was split that was spelled spilt.

    • Haha it’s obvious you had a good timw laughing from my post…I just made it funnier with my caption to catch some attention…haha thanks for dropping by Kim 🙂

    • Nyahaha make sure when you laugh there’s no one seeing you? Or they will think of you as something else…haha thanks for having fun at my post Cassy 🙂