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Can You Spot The Words That Do Not Belong From These Following Virilyan Bloggers' Names Through Anagram Challenge?

How are you today Virilyans? Today, I am going to give you guys another mind-boggling challenge which involves anagrams. 

An anagram is a word or phrase formed by rearranging the letters of a different word or phrase, typically using all the original letters exactly once. For example, the word “binary” can be rearranged into “brainy”. Or for example, the word “solitary” can be rearranged into “royalist”.

This time as kudos to the top 20 bloggers of Virily, I am going to use their names for this quiz. Just spot the words in the given choices that do not correspond to the their anagrams.

Are you ready? If you are then, make sure to get 12/20 or above to pass on this quiz. If you are 16 and above, then you have a highly cognitive skills in anagrams.

Good luck and share this with your friends.

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  • Bee Authentic

    • Acute Hen Bite
    • Bhutan Ice Tee
    • Cute Bean Teeth
    • Bathe Ice Tune
  • Carol DM

    • Cool Mars
    • Arc Mold
    • Arm Cold
    • Calm Rod
  • Kim Johnson

    • John Kim Son
    • Sho Jink Horn
    • Josh Ink Mon
    • Honk Jimson
  • Norman Darlington

    • Dartman Login Norn
    • Landman Grot Ronin
    • Montana Grind Lorn
    • Mandarin Long Turn
  • Trafalgar Law

    • Algal Fart War
    • Galla Warp Rat
    • Altar Flaw Rag
    • Agar Fall Wart
  • Doc Andersen

    • Scanned Doer
    • Dance Red Son
    • Scared Donnie
    • Acorned Ends
  • Month of June

    • Nemo Fat John
    • Fume John Not
    • Then Fun Mojo
    • Men Tofu John
  • Fortune

    • One Turf
    • Net Four
    • Tore Fun
    • True Fan
  • Kajal Arora

    • Ajar Ark Lao
    • Alar Jak Oar
    • Raj Ate Okra
    • Raja Oak Lar
  • Rex Trulove

    • Over Change Tux
    • Vote Rex Lur
    • Eleven Rot Rux
    • Student Rox Tour
  • Branka Drobnjak

    • Board Brank Jank
    • Arab Banjo Job
    • Bank Kbar Jordan
    • Brand Bra Konjak
  • Albert Herdianto Widjojo

    • Joinable Hardwooden Jitter
    • Blattered Hajji Ironwood
    • Jojoba Antihero Twiddler
    • Jawed Antiriot Jobholder
  • lacho (lacho59)

    • loach
    • chola
    • chalo
    • chole
  • ellie (ellie925)

    • eel li
    • lie el
    • ill ea
    • lei le
  • Beatriz Martins

    • Zambia Tern Stir
    • Arab Rest Nimitz
    • Marina Zest Brit
    • Martian Biz Nest
  • Gary J Sibio

    • Bag Iris Joy
    • Air Boy Jigs
    • Ryan Jogs Ibis
    • Jay Bios Rig
  • Indexer

    • Deer Nix
    • Dine Rex
    • Red Nixe
    • Reindeer
  • marija (marija64)

    • Aim Jar
    • Air Jam
    • Raj Mia
    • Jim Ran
  • tasartcraft

    • Fat Attracts
    • Tartar Facts
    • Tart Fats Art
    • Rat Acts Fart
  • Pamela Moresby

    • Amoebas Elm Pry
    • Baal Memos Prey
    • Balsam Eye Prom
    • Samba Life Poem

What do you think?

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