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Are You Able to Recognize the Traditional Anniversary Names Through Their Years of Celebration?

An anniversary is a date on which an event took place or an institution was founded in a previous year. It may also refer to the celebration or commemoration of that event. 

Well, so much for the talk about anniversary and I am here to challenge you guys for my quiz about names of anniversary according to their respective ordinal years of celebration. 

I think there’s no one here yet so far I have seen who create a quiz about anniversary names, so I think this is the best time to open up our minds and get brainstormed while gaining knowledge about this certain topic.

Good luck and make sure to get a passing score of 9/15.

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Enjoy the quiz!

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  • What anniversary corresponds to a school or office supply called paper?

    • First Year Anniversary
    • Second Year Anniversary
    • Third Year Anniversary
    • Sixth Monthsary
  • Fifth year anniversary represents what traditional item, gem or object?

    • linen
    • silk
    • cotton
    • wood
  • Tin represents what anniversary celebration?

    • 10th Year Anniversary
    • 15th Year Anniversary
    • 3rd Year Anniversary
    • 18th Year Anniversary
  • Diamond celebrates on what ordinal anniversary event?

    • 50th
    • 40th
    • 60th
    • 70th
  • Thirtieth (30th) anniversary celebration is represented by what?

    • pearl
    • coral
    • aquamarine
    • ruby
  • Crystal anniversary commemorates what event?

    • 27th Year Anniversary
    • 45th Year Anniversary
    • 15th Year Anniversary
    • 8th Year Anniversary
  • Twenty-fifth (25th) year anniversary is represented by what famous element which has also Latin name derived from a country?

    • tin
    • silver
    • gold
    • mercury
  • Bronze represents what anniversary celebration?

    • 4th Year Anniversary
    • 3rd Year Anniversary
    • 8th Year Anniversary
    • 12th Year Anniversary
  • What geographical name also represents the 20 years of anniversary celebration?

    • Japan
    • Manila
    • China
    • California
  • Gold represents what anniversary celebration?

    • 50th Year Anniversary
    • 100th Year Anniversary
    • 90th Year Anniversary
    • 75th Year Anniversary
  • Second year anniversary is represented by what?

    • leather
    • silk
    • cotton
    • linen
  • Which of the following songs has the element or object in its title that corresponds to a 14th year anniversary?

    • Gold Digger by Kanye West
    • Silver Springs by Fleetwood Mac
    • Ebony and Ivory by Paul McCartney feat. Stevie Wonder
    • Titanium by David Guetta feat. Sia
  • How many number of years does the platinum anniversary celebrates?

    • 80
    • 70
    • 90
    • 100
  • Which of the following two gems correspond to a 75th year anniversary?

    • silver and gold
    • gold and diamond
    • platinum and silver
    • pearl and diamond
  • Which of the following beverages represents 85th anniversary?

    • wine
    • brandy
    • whiskey
    • beer

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