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Can You Guess What Word Describes or Identifies These Following Pictures? WORDS QUIZ (Part 1)

How are you Virilyans? I’m back once again to start a new quiz series about words that’s more illustrative and more fun to play with. This quiz series aims to learn us more English vocabularies by identifying or describing the given set of pictures. You need to pick the best answer identifying or describing the set of pictures on the list of choices. Once you have answered them all, your score will be revealed and same with the words with meaning for the given answers only.

Are you ready to gather some new terms or words to store in your brain memory? If you are, play this quiz and make sure to get 6/10 to pass this first quiz of my newest launched quiz series — Words Quiz.

Good luck and have fun!

Image Credits: Google Images

  • Question of
    • aglet
    • tutu
    • jabot
    • bodice
  • Question of
    • iridescence
    • phosphorescence
    • evanescence
    • viridescence
  • Question of
    • gremlin
    • grinch
    • troll
    • leprechaun
  • Question of
    • unswerving
    • cymotrichous
    • furfuraceous
    • calcareous
  • Question of
    • lagoon
    • atoll
    • fjord
    • oasis
  • Question of
    • canopy
    • estuary
    • camouflage
    • translucence
  • Question of
    • grimoire
    • lexicon
    • festschrift
    • incunabula
  • Question of
    • spelunker
    • funambulist
    • marionette
    • ventriloquist
  • Question of
    • scintillate
    • slumber
    • flabbergast
    • desquamate
  • Question of
    • petrichor
    • cornucopia
    • euphoria
    • plethora


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Written by Trafalgar Law

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    • yeah this quiz is really to familiarize high-falutin words especially for those who loves spelling. thanks for dropping by and hope u learned a lot by just this simple quiz about words I’ve made… keep posted for more of this soon 😉

    • …thanks for playing and congrats for passing my quiz…Yeah you are right, more like that quiz app, only that these have choices of words already.. 🙂
      ..keep posted for more of these quizzes coz this is already a series quiz for words.. 🙂


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