How Good Are You In English Grammar?

Grammar is the complete study of a language including its phonology or pronunciation of words, usage of words, writing, speaking, etc.

I have here a quiz to test your knowledge on English grammar. Why English? Since English is widely acclaimed by many as the universal language, so it turned out to be all about English.

Try your luck and get a passing score of 6.

Good luck and please share your result.

  • Question of

    The hospital of Alabama _ as big as the zoo of Colorado.

    • is
    • are
    • has
    • were
  • Question of

    “The Avengers” _ one of my favorite Marvel movies.

    • are
    • is
    • be
    • were
  • Question of

    Can you figure out what happened last night with _ lampshades?

    • this
    • that
    • these
    • there
  • Question of

    Last Christmas, I _ the Grinch stealing socks in my dreams.

    • see
    • seen
    • sees
    • saw
  • Question of

    Our country is worth dying _.

    • of
    • on
    • for
    • to
  • Question of

    I drink coffee _.

    • two times day
    • twice a day
    • twice in day
    • two times for a day
  • Question of

    He _ have four cars, but now they’re gone.

    • used to
    • use to
    • before
    • didn’t
  • Question of

    This house is _, but also _.

    • more big, expensiver
    • bigger, expensiver
    • bigger, more expensive
    • more big, more expensive
  • Question of

    Put _ basket on _table, then give me _apple and _bar of chocolate

    • a, a, the, the
    • a, the, an, the
    • the, the, a, a
    • the, the, an, a
  • Question of

    The counting of numbers _ really fun today.

    • is
    • was
    • are
    • were


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Written by Trafalgar Law

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