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Can You Pick the Right Meaning For These Idioms?

An idiom is a common word or phrase with a culturally understood meaning that differs from what its composite words’ denotations would suggest. In other words, idioms are words or phrases that has figurative or metaphorical meanings.

I have here a quiz about idioms that will determine how far you know about them. Make sure you get 6/10 to pass this  quiz.

Break a leg!

  • Question of

    barking up the wrong tree

    • searching the right one
    • looking in the wrong place
    • signalling incoming thieves
    • inviting for a fight
  • Question of

    from A to Z

    • empty
    • unavailable
    • complete
    • not moving
  • Question of

    have a blast

    • enjoy oneself
    • go alone
    • hide in the crowd
    • tag along with beggars
  • Question of

    piece of cake

    • difficult
    • easy
    • slow
    • edible
  • Question of

    off the hook

    • let oneself catch
    • be aware
    • escape responsibility
    • go fishing
  • Question of

    spill the beans

    • give alms to the poor
    • reveal someone’s secret
    • scatter the food
    • harvest
  • Question of

    once in a blue moon

    • occuring rarely
    • happening twice
    • always there
    • everynight
  • Question of

    beat around the bush

    • to debate
    • to tell the news
    • avoid talking about something difficult
    • hide in the woods
  • Question of

    bed of roses

    • in a romantic situation
    • struggle to sleep
    • easy and comfortable
    • make love
  • Question of

    call it a day

    • to declare the end of task
    • continue next day
    • getting ready for the night
    • preparing supper


What do you think?

20 points

Written by Trafalgar Law

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