Irish English: How well do you understand it?

I’d like to give you a flavour of my own dialect, Irish English. First of all let me explain what I mean by ‘Irish English’. Also called ‘Hiberno English’, it’s the dialect of English spoken in Ireland. Not to be confused with Irish, Ireland’s native Celtic language. Though the Irish language has had a significant influence on the way people in Ireland speak English, it is an entirely separate language, related to other Celtic languages like Breton, Welsh and Gaelic, which is spoken in Scotland. How well do you understand Irish English? See how accurately you can match the following words and phrases to their meanings.

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    You’ll find it in the press

    • It’s in the newspapers
    • it’s in the cupboard
    • It’s a new type of craft beer, only available in a few select outlets
    • It’s the type of thing that only comes to you when you under great pressure
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    Sure I’m only after eating me dinner

    • All I want is to eat my dinner
    • I hope someone will eat my dinner for me
    • I’ve just eaten my dinner
    • There’s no dinner this evening
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    Here’s your man with that yoke

    • Here comes the fellow with that thingamajig
    • Your husband is approaching with the egg
    • Your fiancé in under the impression he may marry you
    • The victor approaches!
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    • Bestseller list
    • Ironing shop
    • Evening newspaper
    • Airing cupboard
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    You’re some eejit

    • Thanks for your help
    • It’s your round next (at the pub)
    • Will you marry me?
    • You’re a prize fool
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    • Messengers
    • Trainers
    • Racers
    • Journalists
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    • Rich and sweet
    • Plentiful
    • Sexy
    • In short supply
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    • 4×4
    • Tricycle
    • Truck
    • Valley
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    • Horse-drawn carriage
    • Ice cream covered in chocolate
    • A hammer for hitting leprechauns
    • An annoying woman
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    Who’s your one?

    • Who is that girl?
    • Which filly is going to win the race? (Betting talk)
    • Who is your favourite?
    • The vehicle runs on petrol?
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    A bold child

    • A strong lad
    • A mischievous youngster
    • A brave young fellow
    • A kid that looks different from his siblings


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