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Which you do like most? Pizza or Burger?

Hey, here I am again. Asking what's more delicious and what do you really prefer. If I would be asked "Pizza or Burger" I...

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Which do you prefer? Spaghetti VS Lasagna

Which do you prefer? Spaghetti or Lasagna? I love both but I prefer Lasagna, it's just wonderful and really tastes good. Maybe because of...

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Dads With Lightning Fast Reflexes Compilation   Accidents and deaths are just around the corner, we cannot predict them. Thanks to this dads who have super lightning reflexes that they were...

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Mathematical Magician Leaves The Judges Speechless on America’s Got Talent 2017   I was like woah O_O! How did he do it? How's it even possible? How was he able to flicker all those phones? How...

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Castro hates the internet, so Cubans created their own   Woah! Genius! Imagine an internet for FREE created by Cuban people themselves plus they also have their own websites. I was really curious how...

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