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Rhino Beetle

The other day we were having family supper around the table and this dude dropped in for a snack. The only problem was... he dropped...

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Cat quote #9

Ralph is coming up 10 years old. He's been living with us since he was 7. I had never really thought about the weight of...

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Recycling Quiz

How good are you at recycling? Did you know...The average person throws away 74kg of food waste each year. This is the equivalent of 1077...

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Holiday Fun for kids… write a short story

Hey everybody! I know you are all bloggers - therefore I assume you enjoy writing - but what about your children? The character from my children's...

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Cat Quote #8

Edge is of the opinion that all humans were invented solely to give him food. Every time anybody walks into the kitchen he miraculously...

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Cat quote #9

Recycling Quiz

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