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Hats off to those who can get all correct.

I love hats and have a small collection.  Whichever country I visit apart from chocolates I have picked a hat. I have special memories of that hat I picked up from the Nassau Market in the Bahamas.

I remember it because that lady who was selling the stuff said she did not have change and I should wait till she gets it. I was warned about robbery and so I followed her.  She was trying to run away but some how I  managed to get her and yes she had the change with her but she was trying to run away.

Most of you must be using hats for different  occasions.  Here are a few hats.  You just have to name them.

  • There is a movie by this name!

    • Top hat
    • Fedora
    • Pilbox
  • Often worn by Military leaders.

    • Pilbox
    • Slouch
    • Sombrero
  • Kids enjoy wearing this

    • Party
    • PIcture
    • Samy
  • A Mexican hat

    • Shako
    • Sombrero
    • Salakot
  • Not something I would want to wear

    • Chef
    • Dunce
    • kufi
  • Also known as ski mask

    • Casquette
    • Balaclava
    • Caubeen
  • Also known as four winds

    • Sami Hat
    • Rastacap
    • Porkpie
  • Also known as beaver hat

    • Top Hat
    • Student Hat
    • Zucchetto hat

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I have been writing for various sites some of which have disappeared.  I have several interests including writing, photography, gardening, reaching out, cooking.  I have a blog which needs a bit of revamping and when I get some time I will go there and do justice.

I love people and have been responsible for getting together several groups such as class mates, seniors, orphaned kids and family

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