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Guess How It’s Made (part I)

For several months I’ve been posting articles, tutorials and polls about DIY and recycling. It’s time to test your knowledge. Let’s see how carefully you’ve red those posts. ? Luckily, it won’t affect your grades. πŸ˜€

  • Question of

    What technique is used for decoration?

    • painting
    • decoupage
    • crocheting
  • Question of

    How these are made?

    • by knitting
    • by weaving
    • by crocheting
  • Question of

    What material are these made of?

    • glass
    • broken CD
    • plastic bottles
  • Question of

    What technique is used for dyeing this shirt?

    • tie dye
    • shibori
    • batik
  • Question of

    How these vases are made?

    • by cutting plastic bottles
    • by cutting glass bottles
    • from the modeling mass
  • Question of

    What these beads are made of?

    • modeling mass
    • paper
    • plastic
  • Question of

    What these costumes are made of?

    • tule
    • cotton
    • plastic bags
  • Question of

    These bags are…….?

    • woven
    • knitted
    • sewed
  • Question of

    How does this necklace is made?

    • stringing wooden beads
    • cutting pieces from plastic bottles
    • by making polymer pieces
  • Question of

    How these bookmarks are made?

    • using modeling mass
    • using paper mache technique
    • using decoupage technique


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