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what’s the deal here? what am I missing or not getting?

Hey there friends I'm not getting the concept of just what it takes to make a little 10$ on here or is it possible?...

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bugs out at night, time to say good bye

How's it going my friends? hope your weekend wasn't a complete washout, we got some much needed rain just so I could do some...

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The sound of water is so peaceful

<a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Source</a> Hello folks, how has your week been going for you? smooth, hectic, hard to bare, crazy, or just easy as pie?I...

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if I only had a big enough space.

Howdy Ya'll hows it going? yeah you have heard someone maybe even yourself say that at one time or an other well anyway that's...

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how much do we REALLY know?

Hello everyone, well it's been a time trying to find something interesting to write about on here & I THINK I finally found it,...

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