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Let’s Talk About Jewelry

Everybody needs to talk about jewelry. Girls, because they love to wear it and boys, because they have to buy that for their girls. Jewelry can be expensive, or not. It can be original, or not. But one thing is non negotiable: it is always necessary to have it in a great amounts. Of course, I am speaking from the female point of view so take my words seriously.

For me, jewelry always had to fulfill one standard: to be exactly the piece that I need at the moment, so I had to make it by myself. Being very passionate about recycling, I made my jewelry from used plastic bottles and all sorts of containers, because that material is not hard to process. Here, I’ll show you some examples that may give you more ideas for making your own jewelry.

#1 Power Rings

Those rings are made by a friend of mine, on my request, for The Eco Festival I organized. The only condition for participating was to have something made of recycled materials. So, my friend made those rings the three of us proudly posed with.

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#2 Autumn Leaves Set

I don't drink beer, but fortunately, my brother and father do, so thanks to them, I came in possession of that beautiful brown bottles. Those green ones was emptied by me, because I like mineral water. πŸ˜€ 

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#3 Green Or Brown?

Luckily, there is a significant choice of colors. Still, I prefer those two.

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#4 Sun Catcher Plastic Curtains

When you get bored from cutting tiny pieces of plastic, or your jewelry box got stuffed, you can make some sun catcher curtains. Those are made from bigger plastic pieces and you can form any motive you want, playing with colors and shapes.

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#5 Plastic Tassels

When you finish cutting, melting and drilling holes of those small bottle parts, other steps in making jewelry goes smoothly. πŸ˜€

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#6 Earrings

Those fluffy like earrings are made of plastic. Others are made of soda can parts and paper beads.

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#7 More Earrings….

You can use almost everything to make your jewelry look stylish: beads, fake zircons, aluminum foil....whatever you have and want. 

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#8 Fairy Necklace And Earrings

My daughter is quite a big girl and she prefers really massive jewelry. So, I made her this choker and earrings that looks impressive, but are light like a feather.

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What do you think?

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