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And There Was Light(bulb)

This time I decided to leave recycling plastic bottles aside and tell you something about how you can use bad light bulbs. It happened that electric installations in a house I live in are so bad that every few days, a light bulb need to be changed. In a month or so, I collected considerable number of those, enough to start thinking what I could do with them.

My first attempts were ridiculous, but they led to improved versions by every step, so finally, I was satisfied with my work.

#6 Fly Me To The Moon

Making this hot air balloon was a real joyride. I played, while making it, adding details, such as a plastic bottle cap, paper beads and twine, so everybody were like "Awwww!"

#9 Tres Amigos

Winter was coming and some preparations should be done. First of all, making winter decorations for The New Year and Christmas. Gesso (homemade, of course) and artificial snow was perfect to form snowmen's bodies as well as to give them heavy, snowy look. Every other detail was optional. 


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