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These wands are products of a long lasting tradition in our family. The art of making magical wands passes from mother to daughter (because the matter is too sensitive to be trusted to men) from the beginning of time. “In the beginning, there was a Word.” First thing after, was a magic word. 🙂

Although there are 10 wands, all are different. Each one is unique in it’s beauty (and purpose, of course). Main component is wood, but the essence of each wand is accomplished by combining many other materials, such as: hot glue, wire, a little bit of magic, ropes, vintage metal components, ancient chants, adhesives, acrylic paints and lot of skill. ? Length of wands varies from 23.5cm to 25.5cm.

One important note: all wands are protected from being upgraded to lethal weapons. There are no options like “avada kedavra”, or any other dark art stuffs and curses, which made them perfect for junior wizards and witches.

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