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American Fourth of July 2020

Three generations of strong, independent women celebrate their personal freedom during the American Fourth of July/Independence Day.

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The Crazy, Car Racing White-Tailed Deer of Pastoria, Virginia

Summer is officially here and the brand new baby deer are up and roaming around, albeit not far from their Momma's sides. I will...

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Anyday is Good Enough to Be a Sunday

For the last couple of months, my cleaning business has been running me ragged. I live in a very rural area. However, from Memorial...

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Problems with Responding to Comments on Virily

I've been away from Virily for a while due to family issues, an increase in clientele at my home cleaning service, and the fact...

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What In The World Is This?

Jason found this on his adventures locally (on the Eastern Shore of Virginia). He thought it to be a whalebone but is torn between...

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