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DIY All Sorts Of Boxes

It’s holiday season and time for giving presents. Everyone of us like to give something unique, memorable, whether it’s bought, or home made. But, what about wrapping and packaging, shouldn’t they be unique, too? For me, they should and it’s non negotiable. That’s why I decided to share with you some of my special packages along with short descriptions of how to make them.

#1 Angels

Decoupaged wooden box and a small cardboard roll box.

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#2 Cardboard Rolls Boxes

Let's start from the easiest! For those, I used toilet paper cardboard rolls. Flatten rolls and cut their both upper and lower edges in semicircular shape. Fold those new edges to inside to shape the box. Open them again, decoupage, dry and fold to close the box. These boxes are pretty small and suitable for jewelry, especially for hand made ones.

#5 For Cookies

You made some delicious cookies and want to give them to a special person. That's nice, but what about wrapping? You'll need two plastic bottles of the same kind. Cut one bottle to the point where it narrows. That will be a cookie container. The other bottle will be lid, so cut it about 5cm from the bottom. Glue one plastic bottle cup on the surface of the lid and decorate your container the way you like it. 

#8 Level Professional Box

So far, I've show you some really easy to make boxes. Now, it's time for some serious stuff. So, Take a note.

Due to complexity of boxes I'll show, starting by this one, you'll need some extra help. So, provide a cat and put it in an empty cardboard box. Do not cover while it is inside. Start to educate cat how to do decoupage, in order to be able to help you. Make complex patterns by using several different napkins, some paint and glitters. Admit yourself that there's no much use of cat's presence and stop educate it. Do all work by yourself. Be proud on what you accomplished. 🙂 

#9 The Vine Lover Box

Since you have bad experience with cat's help, do not engage it for this project. Try, all by yourself, to surpass yourself and don't be afraid to combine different patterns and mediums. Be creative and free in expression. For me, it's a thing of habit. I never throw any box, or container, because I know I will improve its look and use it for something. That's how I had this box, suitable for a bottle of vine and  I only have to make it look better. 

#10 The Suitcase For The Girl

Beside collecting all sort of boxes, I also like to wander on flea markets, hunting for interesting items, that most of people don't even notice. That's how I get this cardboard CD and DVD container. CDs and DVDs are turned into jewelry and the box left. It looked like a small suitcase, so I decided to harden it and make it a nice little Christmas gift for my niece. So I start gluing paper on the whole surface and inside, finishing by paper towels. When it got dry, I glued red plush in the whole internal area. Then I cut some pictures of abstract paintings, from an art magazine and glued them on the surface and painted space between them. Finally, I coated it with three layers of transparent wood polish. Before Christmas, I filled it with headbands, kids jewelry and Christmas ornaments (all handmade) and gave it to my Lena. She was beyond happy. 


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  1. Cool boxes! I have to confess, I appreciate people who put so much thought in wrapping a gift. It does not matter whatever is inside, big or small. I am a believer of “it is the thought that counts” and so when they put an effort in wrapping a small gift, it just floors me.


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