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Crazy, Little Scarecrows

I thought about bookmark sets for my Etsy shop. Two of three were finished, gnomes and flower paperclips and I couldn’t come to solution for the third type. It’s unwritten rule that idea never come the moment you need it, so I decided to pause with bookmarks and deal with other things. Every time I have to clear my mind, I go to my storage room and start to rearrange all my repro materials and to throw everything I don’t need. And every time, my cats try to enter the room in order to make their own investigation. It’s an unfair struggle, because I am outnumbered, but eventually, I manage to throw them all out of the room. Sometimes I even succeed to do it, before they make a mess. Not this time… While I chased my Russian blue devil, gingers manage to drag a sack with dried pampas grass and spread it all over. I held my breath, along with all the curses that came to my mind, and start picking the grass. And suddenly, the third bookmark idea was there! I am going to make scarecrows. One quick glance over my stuff, to see what else I have for my project and a whole picture of them was in my mind.

Some wooden sticks and beads, fabric scraps, shredded pampas grass, plastic pearls and fake zircons for decoration and in a couple of hours of gluing, my scarecrows were finished. I placed them between flower pots, to look prettier on photos. They really looked good among green leaves so I made a few for myself and placed them in flower pots. Now, I have a farm. E-I-E-I-O….. 😀


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