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Are you good with words? Test your vocabularies here

I just wondering if most bloggers here on Virily have wide vocabularies, I mean, can you give the word by just reading its meaning?

Do enjoy answering this quiz? Let’s see if you know these terms listed below. Good luck guys.

  • What is the term for the fear of stranger or a foreigner?

    • Exnophobia
    • foreignphobia
    • Xenophobia
  • ________ is surpassing the normal or ordinary.

    • Uncany
    • Uncanny
    • Canny
  • The term for noisy and lacking in discipline or restraint.

    • rabunctious
    • rambunctious
    • bunctious
  • It means “not sensible about practical matters.”

    • quixotic
    • quell
    • pique
  • It means “someone who dislikes people in general.”

    • misanthrope
    • lucid
    • lethargic
  • It means “range of what one can know or understand.”

    • jejune
    • ken
    • guise
  • It means “wander aimlessly in search of pleasure.”

    • esoteric
    • fervent
    • gallivant
  • It means “lacking interest or significance or impact.”

    • guise
    • jejune
    • esoteric

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Written by Cassy Janine

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