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Vocabulary Quiz! Test your knowledge of “T & P” words!

I thought I would attempt something different.  This vocabulary quiz will contain words with the letters “t and p” in the clue… just have to find the correct meaning!  Have fun and enjoy!!

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  • multiplicand

    • made up of many elements
    • quantity to be multiplied by another
    • list of multiples
  • phytoplankton

    • study of the shape and size of a plank
    • butterfly museum
    • plankton consisting of microscopic plants
  • interpolate

    • insert something different or add a remark
    • happening between members of a group
    • an inpirition or motivation
  • osteopathy

    • person who specifically applies casts to broken limbs
    • a form of meditation
    • practice involving manipulation of bones and muscles
  • polecat

    • dark brown weasel-like animal
    • poles used in strip parlours
    • long pieces of wire similar to chicken wire
  • saprophyte

    • sandstone boulders
    • plant or fungus that lives on decaying matter
    • battle or butcher’s axe
  • depredations

    • apologies or confessions
    • acts that cause harm or damage
    • massive containers of purified water
  • patriarch

    • male head of a family or tribe
    • archway in a church or religious setting
    • women who take charge of family finances

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