Vocabulary Quiz! How well do you know your WORDS? (part 3)

VOCABULARY QUIZ #3 – I provide the word, you test your knowledge and choose the meaning!

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  • hydrophilic

    • very generous
    • infringe upon
    • mix with or dissolve in water
  • annex

    • small doorway
    • building attachment or near main building
    • indexing used in technical charting
  • debacle

    • complete disaster or failure
    • colorful necklace
    • eye glasses with metal frames
  • dearth

    • white earthworms
    • insufficient quantity
    • type of ear piercing
  • morass

    • soft wet area of low lying land
    • fertilizer for grassy areas
    • an insult or derogatory comment
  • quixotic

    • requiring discipline
    • erotic sexual encounter
    • not sensible about practical matters
  • aspersion

    • disparaging remark
    • bitter apple cider
    • illness relating to muscle weakness
  • tome

    • cemetery or grave stone
    • having dark skin color
    • large and scholarly book

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