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Vocabulary Quiz! How well do you know your WORDS? (part 3)

Another WORD QUIZ to keep you on your toes.  Keep learning while playing!

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  • abrogate

    • formally revoke
    • agree to
    • gather in a group of twelve people or more
  • caucus

    • type of tree found in Maylasia
    • heel of a man’s shoe
    • meet to select a candidate or promote a policy
  • quandry

    • state of uncertainty
    • smaller fish tank that holds mostly exotic fish
    • rock formations
  • cogent

    • feeling of discontent
    • powerfully persuasive
    • person who works as a tailor’s assistant
  • munificent

    • fleas or insects in dog or cat’s fur
    • very generous
    • buffet style dinner served during holidays in Austria
  • despot

    • cruel and oppresive dictator
    • difficult to hear
    • banking term
  • impinge

    • type of barret or hair clip
    • hinge used for steel doors
    • infringe upon
  • bane

    • something causing misery or death
    • thin curtain rod usually used in kitchens or small spaces
    • beef stock used in soups, stews etc.

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