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What type of sales person do you like?

I was wandering FB early this morning when someone hit me up on FB messenger. I didn’t recognize the name, but they appeared to know me, speaking in a familiar. I stopped for a second and ended up clicking on eh person’s name. I was able to block the account when they launched into their sales pitch,  so I blocked the account mid-pitch.

 Given different circumstances, we might have been friends. But I don’t like the fake friend sales pitch, model. It frustrates me. Then I got thinking about honestly what other models of sales approaches bother me (and you as well)!

I walk away from high-pressure salespeople (if you don’t buy in the next 30 minutes, this deal is gone forever). I also don’t like misleading salespeople (this is the best on the market, it never is, but people say things like that.) finally I don’t like salespeople that try to sell me something other than what I came in to buy in the first place (oh no this is much better).

How about you< what sales types really both you?

I have come to realize that when I have a good sales experience, I will go out of my way to go back to that person and buy from them again. There is an adage that I learned years ago that applies not just to sales but to life in general. People buy from people they like and trust.

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    Do you like pushy sales people?

    • Yes
    • No
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    Do you like knowledgeable sales people?

    • Yes
    • No
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    If you like a sales person do you use them the next time you go to that store?

    • Yes
    • No


What do you think?

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    Yes (1 votes) – 8%
    No (11 votes) – 92%
    Yes (9 votes) – 75%
    No (3 votes) – 25%
    Yes (8 votes) – 73%
    No (3 votes) – 27%

  2. I do not like salespeople who try to get personal too quickly.

    Ones, that latch onto your name and address, and make a note of your birthdate, if given to them, then they send you a card/email/text for your birthday.

      • Well, what I do not do usually is to send them a Christmas, or a Birthday card back again.

        I did make an exception, once, when I was selling my Mum’s house, after she died.

        The salesman send me a text message, saying Happy Christmas, and I did send one back to him too.

        Maybe that was a mistake though, as years later, I still get Christmas messages from him.

        Maybe, he is waiting for me to sell my own house, and so to appoint him as my agent.

        Real estate agents seldom let go of the reins, once they have reined you in.

        So, on second thought, maybe my text message back to him would have made little difference to his persistence.

        The only answer I have come up with that works, is to change my phone number, which is not so easy to do sometimes, and is always an inconvenient thing to have to do as well.

  3. I like salespeople who answer my questions and give me the information I need. I do not like salespeople who insist I buy something. Can you tell me what kind of spam is this that does not go into my spam folder but pops in among my mail telling me that I can make money sending emails?

    • the problem with spam filters is that they are focused on probability. that means they know to remove email that has certain characteristics.
      the spammers continue to evolve, the goal of any spam filter is to get 90%. they are close, but just to be clear there were around 20 billion emails sent yesterday. (just yesterday) globally.

      more than 60% of those were spam – or somewhere around 12 billion. getting 90% still leaves a number that makes it through.

  4. If I am not interested I will make up a lie to get them away from me of off of their radar. I have made up things like I don’t work, make enough money, or sometimes I will just flat out ignore them like they aren’t there, lol. I like the ignore tactic because it is a blatant f’ck you leave me the hell alone, lol.

  5. Probably, the reason why selling is my weakest skill is, I hate the style most salespeople are using… pushy and misleading! Most of them would insist that you NEED their product even if you don’t.

    These people might even try to sell an air-conditioner in Alaska. 😀

  6. I generally have a strict rule that I do not break. I only buy what I need. I don’t like annoying people who call me to offer their products. I close the phone immediately, and I don’t open them in my e-mail. I delete them.

  7. The fb ones I get are the green card people that simply fall in love with me… Those get blocked as fast as I can. The other ones on fb I get are the I have 100,000,000,000.00 in a over seas account, all I need is your bank account number to transfer money into your account. Bla bla bla.
    That being said, I went in to buy furniture for the house. We had just moved to flip a house. Lived in it while we fixed it up. I had to buy all new furniture to stage it and to live in it, until it sold. I went into the furniture place and the over eager head sales person walks up to us. My bf at the time was in a hair band. Yes, he had hair down to mid back. It was gorgeous. lol. Anyway, we walk in, jeans, t-shirts. We asked if we could see the living room furniture. He walks us over to the cheap discounted stuff. Assuming that we were poor hippies. Bad mistake. I tell him to leave us alone. That we were “just looking”. I didnt like him. You never should assume someone is poor. Remember we were there to buy for a whole house. We were there for some time. I was watching this other kid, he was honest, and not pushy. I watched him with other customers, then when he got done. Walked up and asked him to help us. He took us to the most comfortable and not the cheapest. He was genuine, not pushy and knew what he was talking about. He made bank that day.


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