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Selling vegetables in season of global crisis

Our third elder daughter whose means of livelihood is selling food seasonings,  instant milk in a sachet, candies, biscuits and other children's food stuffs. She's...

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Getting rid of hermit look for peace of mind

In normal time of the year, I never ever grow beards and long hair. I let them cut by my favorite barber and have...

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The birth of a new personality amid viral crisis

Living in a pandemic crisis, new personality has cropped up. We have learned that there are only two general classification of personalities according to some...

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Linaw Bubong, a Simple Place for a Simple People

Linaw Bubong is known to a simple people especially the marginalized group of residents in the small city of La Carlota in the province...

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Three C's of Life – What's Lacking?

Three C's of Life - What's Lacking? I have come across in one of the walls of my Facebook friend. It's about the 3 C's...

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