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Linaw Bubong, a Simple Place for a Simple People

Linaw Bubong is known to a simple people especially the marginalized group of residents in the small city of La Carlota in the province...

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Three C's of Life – What's Lacking?

Three C's of Life - What's Lacking? I have come across in one of the walls of my Facebook friend. It's about the 3 C's...

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5th of November : Negros Day

1898 Negros Uprising, Bloodless Revolution Our country Philippines was under the colonial rule of Spanish government for more than 3 centuries. The brave and courageous Filipinos...

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Is Body Painting Lack Good Taste?

Look at the model. Is it a poor body art? This body painting is one of the 6 models displayed the artistic skill of the...

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My Guiding Principles in Life

"I am a lone but not alone." This my battle cry while campaigning for a position in the alumni association  of our high school Alma...

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