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Virily Community Frequently Asked Questions (and some answers)

I wanted to start with this statement. “There is no intent to offend anyone with the information in the FAQ.” I am trying to get known good information about Virily and share it with as many authors as I can. The most important thing is validation. I have heard rumors and legends thrown around about Virily. We are slowly but surely validating the information we are getting as a community.


What we know – over the last 28 months the dashboard has updated the day of the month (except for July 2019). Early on, in the Virily past, the Dashboard updated daily. It is normally dashboard updates and two-three days later those who get paid that month have money. The other fact we know right now is that one Viril converts to 0.0011192637731625 US cents.


Badges do update. Users report that they have gotten new badges.

Badges have value (each one carries with it a Virily award for the bookworm, owl, etc.)

The question on the table from yesterday now is what does a locked badge mean? It does not mean you should not use that template. What it means other than the one thing we know it doesn.t is open right now.

Known double click issues:

There are two I know of, and I am listing them for the community in our new FAQ.

1. If you double click the upvote or click twice too quickly, it results in a downvote.

2. If you double click the comment button too quickly you get the infamous “duplicate comment submitted error)!

Why can’t I copy-paste the same comment over and over

one it’s rude. Two it is it an enforced comment remove the rule.

Why a 20 character limit on comments?

Why is there a 20 character limit on comments? The rule exists people didn’t treat authors posts with value. Good. Nice. Cool. Don’t do anyone any good. I do agree that we should, and we did ask the admin team to move the rule to 10 characters or more from 20. I understand many readers and authors here on Virily are not native English speakers, and the English rule for the site on posts and comments is hard. I find value in every comment. I don’t care if you make a spelling mistake in the comment or your post. Those don’t matter to me. I know you can’t edit your posts or your comments, and I know I’ve made a few spelling errors over the last three years.

Verified User

There are a couple of posts from 3 years ago by Virily Editor that talk about what it takes to become a verified user.

1. You have to be a positive contributor to the community

2. You have to adhere to and follow the rules of the community


I know there is a lot of frustration in the community about how long it takes posts in the pending stage to be published.

1. The verified users are allowed to publish right away. The important thing to remember about the Verified Users is that not a single one of them started on Virily as Verified. We all followed the rules to become Verified.

2. The moderators appear (this is opinion) to work Monday – Friday. Based on that the queue grows over the weekend.

3. It should be noted first off that the Moderators are people, and as such, it is important to remember that they deserve time off. The other part is if we were to ask for more moderators, that costs Virily more money, and would force the value of a Viril down further than it now. Money has to come from somewhere.

  • Question of

    First off no offence is meant by anything. I am just trying to get to the facts. ok?

    • Yes
    • No
  • Question of

    Looking for more data on badges anyone?

    • Yes
    • No
  • Question of

    Would you be willing to decrease the value of a Viril to get more moderators?

    • Yes
    • No


What do you think?

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Written by DocAndersen

One fan, One team and a long time dream Go Cubs!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Very detailed Virily Community FAQ analysis complemented by stunningly interesting comments, thank you very much for this greatly useful job!!! Also have a thought about downvoting – maybe it is better to give up this option? FB & some other networks don’t use it and nothing terrible happens. If you don’t like smb’s post, maybe it’s it is easier not to put any mark than “downvote”?

  2. I do not understand when one gets paid I reached plus 12 dollars in the 3rd week of July and now it is much more. I would prefer a fixed date for payment and updating of the dashboard at regular intervals.

    • There has been a fixed date for payment for the past two-plus years. The dashboard situation is one that annoys a number of authors. Please notify the admin team but note that the payment was July 25th but the payment was for June earnings. not July earnings. In your case you wouldn’t get paid until August.

      • Thanks for this information. That is what I wanted to know. When I get paid will it be just July earnings or the total of up to the date of payment?

        • basically, it is for the previous month’s earning. Unless you haven’t gotten to the payment level. Then when you do reach that level it is for the period required to reach the earning the level
          I earned 11 US dollars in July, I get paid in August
          I earned 5 US dollars in July, and 5 US dollars in August I would be paid in September.

          • Seems reasonable to me. Now I know how much to expect in the month of August, enough to buy a couple of Champagne bottles. I will need them all as I will have to share it with Virily users who helped me reach it. ?

        • just to finish up (my apologies) you get paid for the month or months when you reach the payment level but you only get paid to the end of that month (if at the end of July you have reached the payment plateau, you don’t get paid for any August earnings.)

        • I agree with that, but I am also anti the rule a lot of people have adopted (I read what I like to read).

          The rule I hate is if you don’t read my stuff I won’t read your stuff.

          • It is not what we like but how the system works. If a user ignores your posts in toto and does not even come to comment on responses received would you still pay attention to their activity? I will not.

        • Do I like the content they produce?

          If I like the content, then yes I would.

          If I don’t like the content, but it is wrong and needs correction, I would.

          Otherwise I probably wouldn’t bother.

  3. I too feel badges are not coming my way. Yes I am here just a month and if number of notifications is any indication (almost 9000) shows my activity here and no rude comments, no violations whatsoever. I have so far posted 79 posts with just 3. asking me to revise but none have been rejected

    Let me hasten to add I enjoy this site but just thought of contributing my two pence worth here in your post.

    • you most welcome to share your thoughts on this post!!!!
      Honestly, i don’t know that the badges are updated as often as they used to be, if at all. I don’t know what to say.

  4. Of all of the above, I am still most bothered by post approvals or verified member. I don’t know when things will get better. I have been a member for over three years, I think I also follow all the rules and I am not rude or offensive to anyone. Already a few times I asked Virily help to explain but unfortunately I have not received any response.

  5. Badges are erratic. Some come some don’t. The badges for various types of posts written hasn’t come my way , but I have got the stars, smarty pants and a couple of others.

  6. I really have to watch it with the upvotes because often when I try to upvote someone it goes to a downvote.
    Then I cant reverse it and feel ashamed.
    It generally happens when I have upvoted them before.

  7. A new moderator could help the quality of the site and hence the value of the viril in the long run, I guess. Badges are cute but I don’t really care too much about them.

  8. I would settle for a dashboard update once a week. I don’t have an issue with comments being 20 characters…surely you can say that much! I understand that posts don’t get approved over the weekend. I had a big glitch happen with my review of Cloverfield. I had to enter it in the Story category because it was too long for a Poll. When I submitted it, it all ran together in one solid paragraph. Looks terrible. I emailed Support; but there was no response. 🙁

  9. I’m personally not bothered by any thing other than approving the posts … on Thursday I gave my approval to the post for the friday it’s just published today … orange friday … you don’t feel a little strange?

  10. Yes, we were all just participants in the beginning. After a long time, we became a Verified User. And I had a return to the recycling bins. Waiting for Saturday and Sunday posts, but that exists on other sites. Most importantly, not after the posts are published.

          • 8 MB per picture? Per post? I don’t understand this problem completely.
            For users: take a duplicate pic at a lower resolution for posting is one way.
            I had a question about embedding vs. upload mp4 to Virily. I assumed that no mp4 would fly. Is that wrong?
            This is a technical thing that could be clarified with an “auto response” feature that doesn’t require major update to the site itself. An addendum so to speak.

      • I do not understand why those chances are slim. Other sites are transparent about earnings, why can’t this one be? A question I have asked for over a year now at least. Some things we may never know apparently.

        • I understand. We’ve beaten our heads against the wall for a year. In part, I wonder if some of the noise created by a few of the authors didn’t impact the admin’s perception of the frustration.

          But, it is has been a year. My rule is I try to do things until I realize it doesn’t work. It isn’t working, time to do something different!