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This tiny green tomato was in my deck garden a few summers ago. I was able to grow one tomato. One! I enjoyed that one tomato sandwich. So I am done with deck gardening. I now buy fresh fruit from the local farmers market. A lot less trouble and buying locally helps the farmers out as well.


  • Have you been successful at growing a vegetable garden?

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Written by Carol DM


  1. We tried a big garden a couple of years; but the weeds grew faster than I could pull them out. Our neighbor puts newspapers between the rows to keep weeds out.

  2. I think the one and only thing about the success of growing tomatoes to fruit is true could become a valuable experience.
    I only plant some chili now. The plan to plant several types of vegetables has not been implemented.

  3. I have grown my own garden a few times. I even did a small container one on my patio one year. This year I bought that big boy tomato, and I can’t get rid of yellow spots on the leaves. It looks pitiful. Your one tomato there looked very healthy.

  4. Last year we planted broccoli and it produced well, but our tomatoes don’t seem to produced that well. Hoping for more this year.

  5. Gardening isn’t my thing. But every day these days I have to water the plants and clean up the improvised garden made by the other witches outside the bedroom. And yeah, seeing a bloom is a delight. We only got a guava tree up there.

  6. I was never successful at growing fruits (tomatoes, bell peppers or chilli), we did have a pod of green bean and one pomegranate… that’s it… :p

  7. I have my own garden and if I have a good harvest I produce a lot of vegetables … from tomatoes, salads, cucumbers, beans … almost everything