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The world looks completely different from the height

The spectacular views, the height from which you really dizzy, and view at which literally obnemite. Especially interesting is the experience of watching the world through a window gondola cabin while slowly sliding up the rope. In the past, the gondola was mostly used as a means of transport to places that are not accessible by other means of transport.  Without problems, they also survived at a time when the road to man was able to lead even beyond such an impossible field, especially for tourist purposes. Gondola is a cableway, suitable for transporting people and equipment. Gondola can simultaneously transport up to a hundred people, reaching speeds of up to about 35 kilometers per hour.

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  1. I have only been on a Gondola when I went to Israel in 1982 and they had a Gondola that went up the mountain where the Zealots had their last stand against the Romans, Masada.
    It is a table top mountain with water half way down. I walked up some steps to the top of the mountain.
    I liked the ride and it was a very interesting experience

  2. I recently visited the Ferris wheel of the Luna park in Torrevieja Spain. The chimney in which I had stopped for a while at the top. My first thought was, “How small we are in our planet Earth.”

  3. Well, sort of. I keep my eyes closed a lot of the time. I think the first time I went on one my brothers insisted on trying to make it rock and telling me I was going to fall. I was seven and for some reason it feels like yesterday.

  4. My all-time favorite Gondola was Whistler Moutain in Canada, it is much like the one you’ve shown, although yours is a little more in the air if that makes sense.

    The one in whistler goes straight up the mountain. Yours seems to go between two high points.

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