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The new Virily what I have learned so far…

As promised yesterday I sent the data to the admin team. I will add a couple of poll questions to the listing today and will forward those tomorrow.

  • Polls: today, you can now create polls without having to create (add picture) and refresh before continuing. That is good! The bad news the yes/yes/no issue remains. The issue where you type a question, and it doesn’t appear in the list, also remains. So one bug fixed two remaining.
  • Site Navigation: The submission and moving between features of the site are slower than before. For example, if you move from notifications to the new posts from other authors it moves quickly. But if you go from a post to your notifications things move slow.
  • Notifications: The views and notification screen has been fixed. We no longer get the other notifications, although in checking this morning we do still get virils as before that the notifications informed us of.
  • The posts off of your profile appear to have a bug. It does not list the posts you have submitted over the last two weeks in chronological order. You can go back to the older post listings by selecting the more tab in your profile and from there selecting posts. You get the older, smaller thumbnail view, which shows more than the last two days post.
  • The rate to 100 and 200 views has slowed, but that is expected people are working through the new site.
  • The Doc bug – I know I am probably the only person that does this but just in case. I read posts and then leave comments. I don’t, however, submit the comments right away. So I have 5, 6, or posts with comments written, but I haven’t clicked the button yet. I then tend to post a comment and close that author’s post — the time allotted for commenting as decreased (the timeout used to be about 15 seconds between comments on posts it is now closer to about 5 seconds). I got the (you are making that too fast error) four times today. Again I am probably the only one that will see this bug.

At this point, those are the only things I know for sure. I continue to look for and use the site. I will continue to send information to the admin team. I know a number of you have reached to me, and others via private messaging, don’t worry, things will stabilize. The good news is, there is much we can do today that we couldn’t do before.

Hopefully, we all have a better day.

  • Question of

    I would rather be able to delete comments by users, than block users?

    • Yes
    • No
  • Question of

    I am frustrated by the current slowness of the site?

    • Yes
    • No
  • Question of

    a banner telling us what is going on would be nice?

    • Yes
    • No
  • Question of

    By not commenting are you sending a message to the author?

    • Yes
    • No


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Written by DocAndersen

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  1. I have seen the commenting to fast message when I thank people who have commented on my posts. I guess I am not very creative when it comes to thanking people.
    However, I disagree that not commenting is necessarily a message towards the author. In fact, a lack of comment can be better than a spam comment, in my opinion. I don’t always comment on every post I see, because sometimes I simply don’t know what to say. A lack of comment may mean that the post is so great that it left us speachless! 🙂

    • I suspect you are right but I would point out that there are authors who seldom comment on any post even if you comment on theirs.

      if I comment on someone’s post I don’t expect they will return that.
      but If i do make the effort many times and comment, and they never even bother to comment I will be less likely to read more of their stuff.

      • By them not commenting, do you mean they read your posts but just don’t write comments, or do you mean they don’t come back to you at all?
        I agree completely with your last sentence, lack of reciprocity can be very discouraging.

  2. I would like to see a means of marking more than one page at a time as having been read in comments. I assume that when the change was made, the comments were reindexed. As a result, I now have several hundred pages of comments that I’ve already seen and responded to, going through one page at a time to mark them read is really time-consuming.

  3. Good thing we have ppl like you here Doc. Thank you for everything. I have got the you are commenting too fast thingy, but that was last year. Hasnt happened since they raised the count on message size. I also haven’t noticed a slow down. But I have had problems leaving comments the first two days. Some I can comment on, others I cannot. There were quite a few posts I tried to comment on yesterday and nothing happens.
    Anyway, I had to vote no on the first two. If we were able to delete comments then that opens up a problem as well. Have you ever been reading a post on FB and get to the comments and it looks like someone is talking to themselves? Very odd. I don’t think we should be able to delete comments.
    A banner wouldve been nice, they can do that. Seen it before… Who knows why they haven’t but we all know communication is not their strong point. I clicked yes to the last one. The message it sends to me is that you liked the post, but were too busy to comment. Again, thank you for all you do!

  4. Q: I would rather be able to delete comments by users, than block users?
    Yes (11 votes) – 79%
    No (3 votes) – 21%
    Q: I am frustrated by the current slowness of the site?
    Yes (3 votes) – 30%
    No (7 votes) – 70%
    Q: a banner telling us what is going on would be nice?
    Yes (10 votes) – 91%
    No (1 votes) – 9%
    Q: By not commenting are you sending a message to the author?
    Yes (3 votes) – 27%
    No (8 votes) – 73%

  5. Thanks for your observations. Haven’t spend as much time here today as usual and probably won’t except to post a few things and comment on some of my favorites. Yes, deleting comments might be as good as blocking users. And yes, not commenting, in my opinion, should send a message. 🙂


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