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While I am crazily, and with labored breath, trying to navigate my way through the “new” Virily site. My flimsy efforts are comparable only to the haphazard antics of a squirrel “high” on a dose of Crystal meth, I have detected buried treasure under the said button.

First off, is:

 * The Comments Section:

This icon, reveals every comment you ever made.

* The Badges Section:

All the badges you have earned and also a badge for the number of years as a member of Virily, (mine shows a 4) which is correct as I’m the 107th member to join in 2016.

* The Reactions Section:

All the posts you visited and had left an Emoticon as a reaction.

* The Posts Section:

While this one seems pretty straight forward, there are a few great changes. You can now edit your post and re-publish it again. It then appears as the Latest post.

* The Submissions Section:

This one is an original section, one, quite frankly, I have never bothered much about. If you know what it does for me, and why I should use it, kindly assist.

* The Votes Section:

This section shows whether a post was up-voted or down-voted.

* The Virils Section:

This section reflects how many Virils you had earned per action completed on Virily, ie. starting with, either 10 Virils for logging in, 1 Virils for visiting someone’s post, 5 Virils for someone viewing your post, 2 Virils for viewing Polls, 2 Virils for someone commenting on your Polls.


* What I have noticed, is that the respective posting Virils are NOW  paid 30 Virils for Polls and 15 Virils for Story postings.

NB: The above content is subject to change

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  1. Why everyone is so confusing? Just try – post and will see what you get. I am not confused at all. I will be paid some virals less or more – no big difference. I am very happy we can correct the old posts. I think I will correct some of the oldest posts with missed pictures, they look weird to me.

      • I was about to copy the 10 Virils I got for posting Polls to use it in an image in a new article for “all to see’, and the 10 Virils had vanished and became 30 Virils! I checked forward to my latest Poll to get the 10 Virils from there and it was also, 30 Virals. So, in fairness, the information I posted above was incorrect and is now amended. Andre’

        • That is not the problem, the problem is you didn’t explain it that way… – I think my “talking to myself” already explained everything 10 times…

          I also said that if you were getting 10 then it was a glitch…

          Not a problem, I noticed the correction…

          • I don’t know why are you saying that now when I already said: “Not a problem, I noticed the correction” and called it a glitch myself already……….
            I already said I don’t have problems being wrong when I am, therefore, logically, not having problems when other people correct themselves too – the only problem was presenting me the wrong way and accusing me of something not true…! I already said it’s ok now… I just mind other people not understanding anything and misinterpreting things attacking me this way and accusing me of something that is not true!…

          • I also have to add I reacted this way because there are often some “conspiracy theories” about Virily and I noticed some of such info in several of your posts, so that is why I now reacted this way…

    • As usual, you just never change, you make statements then you have to say OOOPS! here is what I said above: “What I have noticed, is that the respective posting Virils are NOT paid anymore, ie. Polls 30 Virils and 15 Virils for Story postings.”

        • It is way below my dignity to engage in subjective discussions of any nature but rest assured you will not be the first or perhaps not even the last to challenge me on memory, Some other “smart” writers have challenged me on English lit/grammar and while angry, they have a huge Faux, ie. “An embarrassing or tactless act or remark in a social situation.” If I said you apologized for putting your foot in the mess, it happened! A brief clue, before I will cease and desist from this derogatory discussion. It was when you were engaged in one of you elaborate tutorials regarding my Virily payments and balance when you implied that I am not in command of my faculties since I was unable to see what you were trying to explain, ie. I have an inferior brain.only to realize later that your calculations were incorrect. Granted, you did apologize, and I accepted it then and still do. But calling me a liar because you did not read the last point I made in my post above, that I don’t accept.


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