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While I am crazily, and with labored breath, trying to navigate my way through the “new” Virily site. My flimsy efforts are comparable only to the haphazard antics of a squirrel “high” on a dose of Crystal meth, I have detected buried treasure under the said button.

First off, is:

 * The Comments Section:

This icon, reveals every comment you ever made.

* The Badges Section:

All the badges you have earned and also a badge for the number of years as a member of Virily, (mine shows a 4) which is correct as I’m the 107th member to join in 2016.

* The Reactions Section:

All the posts you visited and had left an Emoticon as a reaction.

* The Posts Section:

While this one seems pretty straight forward, there are a few great changes. You can now edit your post and re-publish it again. It then appears as the Latest post.

* The Submissions Section:

This one is an original section, one, quite frankly, I have never bothered much about. If you know what it does for me, and why I should use it, kindly assist.

* The Votes Section:

This section shows whether a post was up-voted or down-voted.

* The Virils Section:

This section reflects how many Virils you had earned per action completed on Virily, ie. starting with, either 10 Virils for logging in, 1 Virils for visiting someone’s post, 5 Virils for someone viewing your post, 2 Virils for viewing Polls, 2 Virils for someone commenting on your Polls.


* What I have noticed, is that the respective posting Virils are NOW  paid 30 Virils for Polls and 15 Virils for Story postings.

NB: The above content is subject to change

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