To understand the depths of Steve Hofmeyer’s dismay, please Google ‘Hartswater’.Then understand that he will no longer tolerate the claims of BLM and its culpable knee benders. This is his English take on the questionable claims of BLM sentiments, shared by many whites and blacks, but not all. His is certainly not a white opinion.

 He takes his lead from black activists like David “Day” J Harris, Leonydus Johnson, Larry Elder, Wayne Dupree, pastor Alvin Maragh, Sara Gon, and Roland Fryer, black leaders who do not need black therapy. He did find the opinions of Gabriel Crause handy, and the lives of the founding fathers of BLM enlightening, to say the least.  Of course, being South African is all the research he needs. Not all blacks and whites bow to BLM bull*#!t, but he appeals to the common sense of the rest of the world. 

Steve Hofmeyr 

August 1, 2020


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