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Do You Really Get A Smelly Crotch From Eating Keto?

You have possibly heard in recent months the viral news story that was doing the rounds on the internet about “keto crotch”... the articles claimed that one of the possible side effects of eating a low-carb keto diet was that you could get really smelly down there and get “keto crotch”…

So is there any truth to possibly getting a smelly crotch from eating low-carb keto?

Well, huge drum roll! It turns out, there’s no evidence whatsoever that keto crotch even exists… A health researcher that I follow did some digging on this rumor and discovered that the whole story about keto crotch was actually a huge “fake news” story created by a certain PASTA company…

Of course, a Pasta company wants to try to make people think that eating low-carb is in some way bad for you, so they hire nationwide PR teams to make up negative stories about low-carb keto diets… and in the case of keto crotch, they were successful at fooling millions of people into thinking this was a real thing, just so that you would start eating more carbs again (including their pasta)…

Gross stuff huh…

As a nutrition-conscious person who studies nutrition non-stop, my experience has been that a pretty large part of the Keto-diet population does VERY well eating the low-carb keto diet… it’s not uncommon for overweight people to lose as much as 30lbs in 4-6 weeks, or for type 2 Diabetics, (like myself) to finally get control of their blood sugar while eating keto and reverse their Diabetes… and as I’ve mentioned before, a Keto diet is now even being studied in helping to shrink tumors and slow down or reverse certain types of cancer, as well as helping to reverse Alzheimer’s too.  It’s a powerful method of eating with very real benefits and few, if any, side-effects.

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    • Nothing wrong with the Ketotonic diet Sandra, it has helped people with some serious health issues, ie Cancer and Alzheimer’s. As for the pasta companies, they don’t really care about sales losses because they know, without “Mack & Cheese” most Americans would die. (a national NHD survey revealed the number one item on food lists in the U.S. is pasta)

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