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The growing reality of scam phone calls and emails…


One of the things I find interesting is the ever-evolving reality of scams. I published a post roe than four years ago now on the concept of the Windows Helpdesk calls. I loved keeping them on the line for as long as they would stay on. One of the people told me I was lying. They told me my computer was reporting errors. Did I say which one? The person replied the Dell. I honestly at that time and to today don’t own a Dell computer. I told them that, and the person on the phone said: “sir you are lying.” The reality of nearly a billion computers in the world (actually more now) is that no matter what no one can collect the errors from those computers.

Even if they did collect the errors, they wouldn’t find specific errors from a specific computer with more than a billion computers in the world. The average PC is producing between 20 and 40 event log errors (you can type Event Viewer in the start menu, or go to accessories event logs. You will see that there are three or four different types of logs. On an average day, you generate between 100 and 125 events. Just to be clear, that means that every single day, the Windows Helpdesk sorts through 100,000,000,000 errors, and finds the specific one that is related to you. If you look at the event log, there is little to no identifying information in the event. The windows helpdesk was a scam.

The new ones are more and more sophisticated. The one that I got the other day started with Uncle. I looked at email because I have a nephew and nieces.  It had nothing to do with me, but I opened it  and then added the email address to my junk senders list.  The reality of email and phone scams is that they are increasing. Another scam now is the ring once, with a foreign number. If you don’t catch that, you just redial thinking someone was trying to reach you, and you get zapped with a very expensive call toa number that doesn’t exist. I won’t argue the ethical quandary that these calls produce. I will tell you that IT organizations around the world are trying to get rid of these calls, emails and other scams.

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    did you know there was an international organization devoted to reducing phone scams and email scams?

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    Have you ever won the email lottery? (its a fake).

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    Has the windows helpdesk ever called you? (its a fake)

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  1. Some law office called my husband’s cell this morning and did not leave a message. Now he wants me to look up the number, which I will, since I’m suspicious. Meanwhile I got an email with nothing but the email address and a note that my invoice was overdue and a PDF attachment. I could not find the company in the email address in a search so I deleted the email and blocked the sender. I did not download the PDF to see what the supposed invoice was. The email was sent to an address I no longer use.

    • Both of those actions are truly the way to respond! The email with the attached file is a known cyber phishing attack, there is malware in the PDF so good you deleted it. I hadn’t heard of a law firm calling, I may have to do some research!

  2. One day I spent a very long time on the phone with those who just needed to remote into my computer. I was not feeling well and was laying in bed so I had time. I said things like “Which computer we have 5 and then they had so much to say. Finally after keeping them from bugging someone else for two hours I said – “Oh wait did you say computers?”
    “I am so sorry. I thought you were talking about our cell phones. Have a great day.”

  3. I received an email informing me that I have a problem with a certain bank and asking me to check it by logging in to a given link. But the thing is, I don’t have an account on that bank. I know it’s a phishing email.

    • Thank you – that is another form of scam. I didn’t even start down the phishing path. I love it when they tell me my apple account is locked and open the attachment to fix my account. Makes me laugh every single time.

  4. I have dealt with scams claiming that I won a huge prize from Publishers Clearing House on my Twitter account. The catch was that I had to pay a sum of money to get my prize. I scolded them saying that I am not required to pay the bill for a prize until after I collect the money.

  5. I spend a lot of time deleting scam emails and they are a real nuisance. An Indian man often rings us and tells us that we have a problem on our computer. I tell him all is fine and I don’t need his help and slam the phone down.
    Scam emails and scam callers cause people to lose faith and that in itself is a crime

  6. Any phone calls from an unknown number I don’t answer. I love it that my spam emails are separate and I can just delete them. Now I have an interesting question for you. Some kind of problem with WordPress. I am on a poetry site called The Creative Exiles. Whenever I get on the site I usually have to use Author Login. One time 403 forbidden Access to this resource on the server is denied! showed up and I could no longer get on the site. The owners who are friends tried every way to help get me logged in. Finally, I asked to change my password and WordPress let me change it and I got back on so I could read and post. Now the site is again back to saying 403 error for me. Do you have any idea why this is happening?

  7. Great posting, my dear friend … but you are really a man who knows everything about everything … I have no idea about it … I know there are scams and I do not advertise on unknown or hidden numbers … from security

  8. I get them all the time. Some I like to “play” with. It amuses me. They tend to get super mad, when you play them and waste their time. Most of the time they are just deleted or hung up on. Great article as there are really so many.

  9. I got emails telling me I can have several million dollars from someone who died without heirs if I am willing to provide with this and that information 😂😂😂. I replied saying they can certainly keep it 😜. Sometimes I do reply to stupid mails or messages just for the heck of it 😜

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