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Thank you, Virily's admins – Spectacular increase in the value of Virils

Well, contrary to concerns, Virily’s admins made the payments today. The worries are useless. As ahol888 said … in a comment on my post announcing  the dashboard update, “Worry never changes everything. Persistence is necessary.” Everyone receives a reward based on their efforts. What I can tell you is that the virilis value has increased significantly this month. In April, 1000 virils were worth $ 0.219, in May 1000 virils were worth $ 0.353, while in June the value virils was doubled. 1000 virils are now worth $ 0.615. I am convinced that those who strive can get paid almost every month.

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Written by Ileana Calotescu



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  1. Well… I guess things are slowly going back to normal … I always thought the drop in the value of virils and other ‘negative’ changes that happened since the pandemic started were precautionary measures by the admins so that this site could survive through this crisis.

    Hopefully, we will start earning from posting comments again soon. 🙂

  2. I did not have over 200 virils in May so no earnings for me for May. In June, if I add up all my virils I see in the notifications I have 199. Not sure I will get over 200 as we don’t earn for what we do except for logging in.

        • I’m used to not using Draft anymore (my posts are very short scur) and the polls went right for me (if I’m not doing something wrong). These are no insurmountable issues! Let’s be more positive and things will go well.If we sing “Requiem”, before the site dies, it’s not good!!

          • so you are talking to someone that has been fighting for this site and changes for more than three years.

            I am not giving up.

            But it is hard when often you are one of few that is trying to save the site.

        • Doc, I don’t want to upset you, but I’ve learned since childhood that I don’t have to offer help and advice by force, because I don’t know what is best for the other. The help offered by force only feeds my vanity. It makes me look smarter than the other … which doesn’t seem right to me, because I don’t know how smart the one I want to help is. I am guided by the theory: Rather than “do what I tell you”, it is better to “love you as you are”. I don’t have the right to tell you what to do but I have the right to say what I think.I hope with all my heart that my sincerity does not upset you.

          • it doesn’t apply to me so no offense is taken.

            I have done nothing on this site by force. I have simply offered different ways that people can stay and make virils.

            There is no force.

            I accept the admin team is the way they are. Do you really? You say they have to fix problems, but they don’t use the site we do.

            If we don’t help them by telling them what doesn’t work they will never know.

  3. Congratulations on your winnings. I do not watch the value of the virils as I just like to read the posts that catch my eyes and my mood. As for writing right now I cannot because of this stupid cataract which clouds my vision. BTW your flower picture is very eye catching even though it was cloudy….for me…


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