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Thank you, my dear, but… don't get tired in vain!

Although I have posted less often on this site, I have noticed that there is someone who never tires of “marking” WTF reaction on my posts. What can I say! I am satisfied with any reaction determined by my posts, which are not interesting anyway! But I want to make  clear to you. A few swear words and remarks won’t make me leave Virly! On the contrary, all this causes me a reverse reaction! I will be more active !!! So don’t get tired in vain!!! I thanked you once and I thank you again.  As usual I give you  flowers. That’s how I know to respond to swearing!

  • “WTF” is a reaction like any other, isn’t it?

    • Yes


What do you think?

Written by Ileana Calotescu



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  1. There are 3 there. It is better than some posts being called weeds. Yes. Ignore and move on. There are sadists here and that is for sure. The holier than thou seem to be increasing by the day.

  2. A very beautiful flower. I think that the WTF reaction should be eliminated. It is one that I do not think shows respect for the person as the writer. It is like saying what in the world are you talking about. I have never used it myself and usually use love and win.

  3. I wish that reaction would go away. It has never been necessary on this site. Sorry, I noticed it as well. But your photos are always breathtaking. Please pay no attention to the drama. 🙂


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