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Remember to celebrate life

Do you know what I keep trying to remind myself? Remember to celebrate life. Pump out everything it has to offer but expect as little as possible. Because stupid expectations hurt.

I don’t want my every day to be filled with happiness. I want everything from my day. Each possible color. I’m just trying to enjoy the little wonders, small moments. Certainty crumbs that I want to treasure, to gather them one by one when there are so much lie around us.

I want to be here and everywhere else. I no longer want to plan too much. For me, the biggest happiness right now is the opportunity of surprise. The opportunity of coincidences that can change my life. The ability not to limit my dreams. Unlimited freedom and the art of creating our own destiny, regardless of anything.

Spontaneity. Love. Play and laughter. These are states where I want to get stuck forever because I only live once, so why suppress yourself?

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