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Tuesday Nature – turn your eyes to nature

Everyone wants to be happy in life, but the main problem is they don’t know how to do it. We subconsciously reach out to where we feel better: beloved people (family, children, friends), beloved activity. Like it or not, but happiness is given to us by what we love. And if you dig deeper –  the very state of love gives a feeling of happiness. After all, all that we feel – it is ours, internal.

Based on this, it turns out that the solution must be sought inside. Many people are looking for opportunities to learn to be happy regardless of circumstances and the presence of certain things or people that cause us this condition.

You probably already experienced the following experience: having studied a bunch of materials, you began to speak more and more beautiful, but you did not become happier, but all because this is achieved by hard work on yourself. Never before has a naked theory brought even the smallest part of what practice can give.

Can everyone learn to enjoy life in every moment of it? Yes, everyone can. It all depends on the willingness to work hard because without getting up from the couch, we cannot reach the peaks.

I wish you to find a way how to enjoy each moment of your life. First of all, turn your eyes to nature, it gives us so much beauty. 

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