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Have you understood your meaning of life?

Sometimes I regret the irreversible loss of life’s opportunities, but I didn’t do anything for years to use the door that opened a little and start living the way I wanted ( yes, there were a few years when I lived “not my” life).

Deep in my heart, I wanted to stop and look around: who I am and where I am. But I just continued to live teh life as used to. 

But stopping in the 21st century is so out of fashion. If I had to answer the question, “What do you do now, what kind of project are you working on?” and would say: “Doing nothing. Standing shortly retreated from life, watching and waiting for an answer who I am” – to the interviewer would mean one thing – I’m dead, well, at least crazy one.

After all that I have experienced, I now know that the great meaning of life does not exist. The meaning of life is just to live. We have come to this world both to rejoice and to suffer. All these obstacles in the wheel of our lives are just tests, exams.

How we sustain them — whether we challenge them, overcome the darkness, and learn to smile again or allow ourselves to sink into despair and sadness — is what determines our future lives. Because of our response to troubles depends whether we open the Pandora’s box of destruction or enter the wheel of happiness.

Let us have no illusions. We all know that a monsieur life is not right; unfortunately, it is capricious and tosses us as it likes. It is our duty to overcome the darkness by our joy and hope.

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  1. Today I have lost the meaning. I am hopeful that as I work through all the things that happened yesterday, in time I will be better at the whole life thing.

  2. Take every day as it comes…plan but be flexible because often circumstances often change plans.

    As to what would have happened? It is wasted thought, best be what you can be today.

  3. life is a series of stories that bind us to the memory of what was. But life is also the creation of the story.

    In the creation of the story, we have to give and take. But I would argue that we never live a life that is not our own.

    Sometimes we have to share our life, our story and in that sharing move in new directions.

  4. Interesting ask.

    Does life have an overall meaning, as well as perhaps a more localised meaning, for each one of us living it here?

    I would say that life has no meaning until we connect our self to the meaningful one, behind all meanings, that is, to God.

    Each life has its own particular mission for God, from which a different reasoned meaning can be found, as meaning must be individual for it to really hit us deep, and for us to fully accept it.

    Whereas a general life meaning, like, “we are here to learn life lessons” is meaningless in a lot of respects to some of us, because we might not be here for that ourselves, but to raise the bar of living, hoping then for God to live through us more meaningfully.

    I am not interested in such lessons. I am only interested in connecting to God, if there is one, as to me, lIfe would have less meaning, without such an ultimate meaning attached to it.

    So, we obtain meaning from meaning, not from anything nonmeaningful, which will often turn out to be an untrue meaning for us then too.

    We can spend our whole life learning lessons, only not to find the meaning that is lying often hidden behind these lessons, and which I want to find first, before I can be bothered with learning from the mundaneness of such ordinary life’s lessons, or experiences, or whatever else we might call them.

    The trouble is the meaning is often in the eating, you cannot have one without the other.

    So, hand in hand, we learn from life experiences various lessons, which all, can tend to also connect us to the greater meaning that they are all connected to too, if we allow them to do so.

    Larger meanings build from smaller meanings then.

  5. My meaning of life is to learn as much as I can and then try to teach through writing what I have learned and if not in a school of some kind then through blog articles and quizzes that I create.