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Dreams about sunny days

In the evenings, I put my feet in warm socks and put on a thicker coat. I take a large cup of steaming mint tea in my hands, go on my terrace ( no cold still here) and fly to distant lands, where things are a little different. Where I don’t need to get up early morning and try to open my sleepy eyes while still trying to find my way to the bathroom through my sleep. Where you don’t need to close your home door every morning, holding an umbrella in your hand. Where you never have to rush anywhere and every moment is yours and just yours. I fly in my thought to a place where I can meet the sunny day every day and breathe in the aroma of flowers staying on the balcony…

Perhaps the grass is equally green everywhere – you will see it if you look widely opening eyes. So says the mind, and the heart continues to fly the wings of dreams…

And then I open my eyes and look at the warming cup in my hands. I see my man very close by. Our cozy rooms, paintings frames on walls, curtains, our family’s photos… A plate on a table with a rich smell of chocolate… And I realize that no matter where my dreams carry me. My happiness, love, and life today are in these rooms, here. And those distant dreams will wait a little while, and one day we will come to them again.

I even do not know which country I would love to visit next. So, just continue dreaming about a sunny one.  

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