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Do we are different: women and men?

Those who say that men and women are the same are either not attentive men or women who think too well about men.

And it seems to me we are really different: even when it comes to the clearest things – happiness, joy, sadness, love – we think differently. 

We, women, are unpredictable! We are fatally unpredictable! My husband likes to say so. But maybe it’s better: not knowing what adventure awaits you at home.

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  1. the sexes aren’t just physically different, the body chemistry is different as well. since your mind works on an electro/chemical basis this means the male and female consciousness will differ at a fundamental level as well

    and then genders are treated differently in different societies, so we have to account for nurture as well. so yeah, they’re different. but we can still understand and respect eachother. cooperation and equality are quite possible