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Where did we run ?!

A person flees through life without thinking of its end. Home – work, work – home, all the time. During the holidays – respite, vacation – as a stop of time. Later, at old age –  retirement, senility, illnesses. And the question arises: where did we run ?!

One can say that the answer is: we run to have what to eat, get dressed, feed our children, educate, take care of our old parents and so on, and so on. Could it be otherwise? No wise man told us how to survive without it … unless we had a magic wand.

But still, we can learn to throw away from memory what is wrong, what is bothering, what hurts, sickness, losses… Remember what’s good: travel, love, weddings, waiting for the kids, how happy we were when their first tooth appeared, or when they made the first step. 

After all, it’s happiness, so much goodness, and love, and joy. Then, may our run through life will be easier…

© Fortune, 2009

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