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On Vitamin and Mineral Supplements

Since I noticed that many people rely on vitamins according to the results of my poll It’s The Cold And Flu Season, I decided to dedicate a poll just on vitamin and mineral supplements.

Some people claim that vitamin supplements are useless unless they are prescribed, and they are just a way to make your urine more expensive. Others take vitamins based on their own research, without consulting with physicians.  Also, let’s not forget that overdose can be very harmful.

While I am for moderation, I sometimes take vitamins and minerals based on my own research. What about you?

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Stay healthy!

  • Question of

    Do you think that vitamins are:

    • Mostly harmless but with no real benefit?
    • Harmful and with no real benefit?
    • Good for your health only if you have deficits?
    • Good for everyone’s health no matter what?
  • Question of

    How do you decide which vitamins to take?

    • They are recommended by a physician
    • I am basing it on my personal needs and research
    • They are recommended by a friend or family member
    • I don’t take vitamin supplements
  • Question of

    What vitamin supplements do you take?

    • A specific mineral or vitamin I need
    • Multi-Vitamin & Mineral Supplement
    • I don’t take vitamin supplements
  • Question of

    Are you diagnosed with a vitamin or mineral deficiency?

    • Yes, and I take supplements
    • Yes, but I don’t take supplements
    • No, but I take supplements
    • No, and I don’t take supplements
  • Question of

    Do you take vitamin and mineral supplement when you are sick with the flu or cold?

    • Yes
    • No


What do you think?

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Written by ellie925

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  1. The problem is, for the most part, the reality of the vitamins. Fish Oil, in particular, Omega 3 will boost the good cholesterol in your blood. However, the oils are not water soluble.

    What soluble vitamins have to be 200% or more of the required daily amount, or, it just becomes expensive pee.

    Linus Pauling (Nobel Prize-winning Chemist) studied the impact of vitamins on humans for many years. He found that Vitamin C, Omega 3 and a few others actually have significant health impact. Most, multi-vitamins are water soluble, and simply come in and out of your body with much less impact than the company advertises!

    Glad you are back Ellie!

  2. I take plenty of vitamin C when I have the flu or a cold, but not as a matter of course. Evening Primrose helped me a lot when I used to have a lot of women’s issues and since taking it, not had a problem. I take magnesium for bone and muscle joints going to the gym but only when I need it.
    I also take a tablet for sinuses in Auckland about 50% of people have asthma or hay fever due to our high humidity, I have both and it’s also hereditary.
    Some of my cousins went to live in Australia, one with bad asthma and he never had a problem in Australia.


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