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Not A Wire ~ Saturday Critters

Rain has been falling continuously for the past three days. Inevitably, the work to dry and clean the puddles on the front and rear terraces must be done many times.

This afternoon, when for the umpteenth time I cleaned the back porch I saw the little creature for the second time in a week. Well, only a small snake that people in our area call a wire snake. Its length is only about ten centimeters. This snake controls the population especially ant and termite larvae. This species is actually quite a large population but rarely seen, because it spends most of its life digging underground and leaves or in pots. This fossorial (animal that adjusts to digging and living underground) snake – its shape and size are very similar to worms that live in soil – is not harmful to humans. The sense of sight of this snake is almost useless.

This snake is the only snake that reproduces asexually, where all individuals are females. The parent produces 1 – 7 eggs, measuring 2 x 6 mm without fertilization process. All babies will hatch into females.

After all, this cute one must be removed because three women in the house will scream if they see it! So, I then put it outside the page.

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  • You who like gardening or planting in pots, have you ever found it?

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  1. I thought you were showing us an earthworm. I have never seen one like that here, not sure we have them. When I ran the resort in Arkansas, we did have a similar snake its called an Eastern Worm snake, but they are tan colored not black. What a cool find. I love snakes.

  2. I feel a new series of posts coming on “Wild Albert!” You should start your own YouTube channel.

    Love the science lesson, was aware of the type of snake, but had never seen one. Thank you for sharing this!!!

    Wild Albert, coming soon to a TV near you!!!!!!

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